About Us

So who and what is Rose Cups...why the name and why the product?

Well, the idea to begin selling menstrual cups came about purely because we are averse to waste, plastic and single use products. We really dislike anything that is not natural or cannot be used many times over. We all know that plastic (in this case silicone) has its place but we're just totally against things that only get used once and it's for this reason that we decided that we wanted to make a difference in the environment and also in the lives of the everyday woman.

Everyone is hard pressed financially and if we can help out just a little bit then we've made that little bit of a difference. By using a re-useable menstrual cup, women WILL save money in the long run...the added bonus for us is that no more single use tampons and sanitary towels land up in the landfill.

Using a menstrual cup for just one year ensures that at least 180 tampons or sanitary towels don’t make their way to landfills. That’s 900 over the lifetime use (5 years) of a menstrual cup!!! That’s big for us.

The last and probably most important reason why we decided to do this is to ensure dignity for the under-privileged woman in society who are affected by not having access to sanitary products. For this, we are driven to partner up with sponsors who can assist in supplying people who cannot afford it. From our side, we’ll be donating 1 cup for every 10 sold. It may not sound like a lot but every little bit helps.

In a nutshell, our aim is to save woman money while saving the environment at the same time, and also empowering the less-privileged to ensure dignity for all.

Join the menstrualution…Rose Cups!