Join the menstrualution...

We believe women should feel comfortable, focused and wonderful regardless of “that time of the month."

Presenting the Rose cup which is safe, convenient and simple, while putting your pocket first, we strive to ensure your ultimate hygiene health and comfort. The Rose Cup is a comfy fit and will ensure a great night’s rest. We don’t believe women should be at any disadvantaged during their cycle. We love how this product is so much better for our environment too!

At Rose Cup we want to reach out and educate as many women as possible about the menstrual cup, encouraging women to  make the change to something better something new and that’s the Rose cup! We are here and we want to make life better and easier for all women.

 Menstrual cups for the conscious woman.

You'll wonder why you didn't get one sooner ;)

Don't think twice.
Join the movement.

Make the switch!

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